Booomers is fast becoming a hub for different bamboo products all handmade in rural Ghana. We make bicycle frames, children tricycles and balance bikes  and phone speakers. All frames can have an optional kente cloth wrapping applied underneath the protective clear coat for a minimal additional fee. Kente cloth is an attractive and traditional product which provides a link back to the heritage of the Ashanti people of Ghana. New products are also scheduled to be on the market before the end of 2017. We have products such as the living room furniture, garden furniture, Fences and many more products coming your way in the coming years.

You may go to our shop to buy any of our products or contact a distributor today to buy one of our environmentally friendly product which is also bringing change to rural Ghana.



We have over  7 years of building high quality bamboo bikes and continue to do so as we expand our production. We currently produce the City bikes, the Mountain Bikes and the Road bike frames for both the local and the international market. You may go to the pages of any of our bike types and get more information including specifications and sizes of the bikes we produce.

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Cargo Bike

The cargo bike is a new addition to our line of products which is oriented towards the transportation and work-vehicle needs of rural Ghanaians. With this product, the guarantee of a strongly supported warranty, and a special payment plan aimed at providing the bike at an affordable cost, this bike represents a solid opportunity for farmers and traders wishing to carry heavy loads of goods farther, faster, and cheaper than they would otherwise be able to do. This enables them to earn a higher profit on their goods than they could otherwise.



Kids Bikes

Booomers currently produces and markets 2 main products for kids. These are the tricycle and the balance bikes. Whilst the Balance bikes can be used by children between 18 month to 4 year olds, the  tricycles are for ages between 3 + olds.  It brings a of fun to the home.

 ful-bike frame-3 balance-bike-frame


Bike Stands

We also make bike stands that allows you to pack your bike nicely. We have bike stands for 28” 26” and 20” wheels. Each of these bike stands are uniquely handmade and makes your bikes look more beautiful. Order your bike stand today  from our store

 bicycle-stand-28-wheel bicycle-stand-26-wheel

Phone Speakers

Our phone speakers allows you to amplify the sound on your phones without hassle. It uses no electricity and it is environmentally friendly.  We make fixed and adjustable speakers to suit different phone models and sizes. Order from our Store today.

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