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My Boo is by far our biggest distributor having initially partnered Booomers in 2014 after a year of working with the Yonso Project, our sister company. My Boo has exclusivity in for Booomers bike frames in 8 countries including Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland.

Bikes from My Boo

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My Volta Electric Bike

Together with My Boo, we have launched the world’s first bamboo electric bike with Mid-motor. My Volta which was developed with Shimano was launched at EURO BIKE SHOW 2016 in  August where it received a lot of admiration and great feedback. You can buy my Volta from the MY Boo web shop or from any dealer near you by visiting the My Boo website.


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Distributor’s Testimony:

My Boo aims at combining an innovative product, a specific social commitment and sustainable economic action. Therefore the cooperation with the Yonso Project and Booomers LTD is not only a fundamental part of our corporate philosophy but also our daily motivation.

My Boo

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