Distributors Testimonials

"Working with Booomers for the past 4 years has been a dream come true. My Boo aims at combining an innovative product, a specific social commitment and sustainable economic action. Therefore the cooperation and Booomers LTD is not only a fundamental part of our corporate philosophy but also our daily motivation" - Maximillian Schay, CEO of My Boo Bamboo Bikes, Germany

We have been setting up our business in Australia using Boomers frames. People fall in love with the look and feel of this superb product. People are fascinated with the social story behind these bikes and want to know more.” - Greg Baines, CEO of Ethical Wheels, Australia

"I can’t say enough about the frames Booomers build. Functional and aesthetically beautiful. When the “wow” factor wears off, you are left with a fantastic product that competes with the industry. Our Clients love their Danso bikes" - Gideon Banahene, CEO of Danso Bikes, Canada